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The waiting list of Andres Cardenas is closed for new patient. Only Marina Hanina (intern) is available to offer services in english.



Tel: 438-988-8448

Training and experience

Andres Cardenas holds a Master’s degree in developmental psychology with emphasis on child assessment and intervention (University of Manizales – Manizales – Colombia). He has 10 years of experience in the fields of mental health, and social services, has benefited from comprehensive training on the diagnosis and treatment of personality and behavioral disorders. He has a solid experience and works with children, teenagers and families. He has developed a specialization also in pervasive developmental disorder. He has worked in private practice as well as in the public sector (hospitals) or university (clinical research coordinator, professor). He practices psychotherapy according to the cognitive behavioral therapy approach. He is trained in emergency response techniques, signs of child abuse, and has advanced knowledge of learning disabilities and differential and complex diagnoses. In addition, he has experience in assisting people with disorders in the autism spectrum. It offers psychological assessment and psychotherapy services. It offers psychotherapy services in English, Spanish and French.

Description of clinical practice

  • Customer base
  • children
  • Teenager (s)
  • Family

Offered services

  • Individual therapy
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Emotional assessment
  • Personality assessment
  • Assessment of learning disability (under supervision for French tests)

All services are offered in French, English and Spanish

Intervention methods

Its clinical orientation is based on a cognitive-behavioral therapeutic approach. Above all, he favors a warm therapeutic relationship as well as personalized interventions adapted to the specific needs and difficulties of the client.